Why Buy Used

When investing into your company, furniture serves a function. Let us provide quality and cost savings along with being environmentally friendly to outfit your office so you can get back to focusing on your core business.

Used and refurbished furniture

Office furniture is a multi billion dollars industry, its dollar volume is larger than the entire music industry, all genres combined. Office furniture is used around the world at every level and size of business and home office, but no one actually thinks about it. Take a minute and think about just office chairs. How many do you think are out there?

New manufacturers have been producing product for decades and in most cases the product has been engineered at such high quality that it is actually built to last. Unfortunately change is inevitable and the design and functions of the furniture evolves and what was in fashion a few years back is not longer the norm or requirement. The sizes, the colours, the finishes and the textures all change. The new furniture coming out from the manufacturers is smaller, shorter, different colours, new style fabrics and finishes.

What happens to the older furniture when a company decides the move, and or, just buy new furniture for their office? Well for years most of the old furniture ended up in landfill all around the world. Recycling has helped a bit but the ability to Re-use allows for the most reduction to landfills.

Refurb Canada is an environmentally responsible company that enables people to purchase high quality grade A office furniture for fraction of the cost of new.

Help reduce waste! Refurbishing gives furniture new life. Lets keep office furniture out of landfills.